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Miracle Women Gutschein und Rabattcode mit shoppin

onlinesparen | 01.11.2017 08:07

Miracle Women Gutschein und Rabattcode mit Bis Zu 50% Rabatt + Gratis Versand ist Ihr Gutschein-Partner im Internet und natürlich kostenlos. Ob BHs, Höschen, Unterwäsche, Bademode oder Acces ... weiterlesen

10 Facts About Men You Probably Did Not Know

sirmacca | 24.10.2017 16:36

You think that facts and figures are boring? Maybe you will change your mind after reading the following 10 facts about mean you probably did not know. 1. Did you know, that 50 % of all mean do have some kind of souvenir from their ex-girlfriends or ex ... weiterlesen

My Teddybear became a stranger

mylifeandei | 03.03.2017 14:00

I have no blue eyes, I am not thin I am average… about hard working not so much in shape. But the most important things are in shape…My brain and my heart! Do you really choose to cheat on me? Ok, it’s your decision! You think I am not smart enough ... weiterlesen

Dear rocky Girl

wildwoman | 19.08.2016 20:24

Dear rocky Girl.  I know how you feel. You feel destructive, un-loved and wild at the same time. You feel ugly, lonely and misunderstood. You feel as if you don´t belong to your family, that your friends don´t understand you. That y ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 09.08.2016 20:06

Some women are like the works of several philosopher. You can read them, but don’t understand them. UW ... weiterlesen

About Cat & Woman

uw-autor | 07.06.2016 20:32

When I’m watching our cat I sometimes think: Typical female ;-) UW ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 21.12.2015 19:59

Females have one determinant key advantage by nature: They are women UW ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 12.07.2015 18:21

Some women are like notifications of charges. One(man) can do, what one(man) wants. One(man) simply doesn’t understand them. UW ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 25.06.2015 21:03

In the case of some women I understand, that she ruins men. UW ... weiterlesen

Female Cycle

uw-autor | 12.06.2015 19:41

In the case of some woman I understand That one/man leaves her. UW ... weiterlesen

Female Cycle

uw-autor | 08.06.2015 20:02

In the case of some woman I understand, that she drives men crazy. UW ... weiterlesen


liquidblue | 08.06.2015 01:09

Es geht hier darum, das ich abnehmen möchte. Ich werde nicht erwähnen wie viel ich wiege, aber ich habe genug, um einiges davon los zu werden. Drückt mir die Daumen. ... weiterlesen

Where are the prettiest women

uw-autor | 03.06.2015 20:09

The prettiest women in Germany are in Thuringia. But not the most beautiful. She’s lving somewhere else. UW ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 25.05.2015 19:55

In the case of some women I understand, That even gods were broken down. UW ... weiterlesen

Something To Learn About Ukrainian Women

swarddsa | 07.02.2015 12:04

Ukraine lies in the center of Europe and it has always been a link between the West and the East. The nearby countries have always liked to beat this land that was rich with a rather acceptable climate, rivers, woods, lakes and beautiful people. So for ma ... weiterlesen

The age from which are women really beautiful

uw-autor | 24.11.2014 19:24

They say, women are really beautiful above thirty. My wisdom means something alse: Women can be beautiful at all ages! U.W. ... weiterlesen

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