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A little bit World Saving

uw-autor | 18.03.2017 19:45

Everyone for himself Is able to Save a little bit world UW ... weiterlesen

Change the skies

schattensicht | 16.07.2013 21:14

I tried hard to read in the skies To find out where are lies And where it comes to betray I want to change it anyway Is this one of those days Or are there other ways? For the moment I ... weiterlesen

welcome to the black parade!

guilty.pleasure | 22.02.2008 20:02

welcome,welcome,welcome :Dyou see,my mood is on top now!the day was wonderful until now, and i hope it ends the same arts we draw our favourite actor, or singer.i think everyone knwos, i could only be Pete or Gabe but ... weiterlesen

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