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To Muslims of America, I Apologize (Reissue)

ocatunir | 24.10.2008 23:37

The truth about 9/11 continues to emerge. War-crimes charges are presently being prepared against President Bush by an eminent legal steering committee ( While not initially on 9/11, it is just ... weiterlesen

At least 10 NFL players positive for doping: repor

onejybazuna | 24.10.2008 23:36

JsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? DENVER, Colorado (AFP) — At least 10 National Football League players, including two playing in Sunday's regular-season game being staged in London, have tested positive for a banned diuretic, ... weiterlesen

No more four-eyes - drops could cure myopia

tygeqeguc | 24.10.2008 23:34

For up to two billion people around the world wearing glasses for myopia or short-sightedness there may be a surprisingly simple solution on the horizon – eye drops to shrink their larger than normal eyeballs, potentially correcting their vision an ... weiterlesen

» Stem cells and scleroderma

tygeqeguc | 24.10.2008 23:33

ImageHandler.addImage( { id:95340, caption:'Bari Martz feared she had less than a year to live when she volunteered for a clinical trial for severe sclerodoma. ImageHandler.addImage( { id:95341, caption:'Bari Martz, who has scleroderma, plays with her d ... weiterlesen

30 Previews In 30 Days: The New York Knicks

fobunejupy | 24.10.2008 23:33

Springtime For Lou Holtz ... NBA training camps have begun; the season is rapidly approaching. Can you dig it? I knew that you could. And so we continue our previews: 30 of them in 30 days. Up next is a team that last season surpassed the Clippers as th ... weiterlesen

Épidémie de dopage dans la NFL?

hesagytagyni | 24.10.2008 23:28

Citant une source bien place dans la NFL, la station soutient qu'il y aurait eu jusqu' 10 tests positifs uniquement relis prise de pilules pour la perte de poids. La NFL a refus de commenter la nouvelle. Le rapport pointe mme du doigt le porteur ... weiterlesen

Patients dance fine line between assertive and dif

nyvityvyce | 24.10.2008 23:27

Physicians short on time because of growing patient loads find there is a fine line between increasingly assertive and informed patients and those they consider to be just "difficult." On the other side, Michelle Mayer, a nurse with a doctorate in public ... weiterlesen

Johnson playing a new role for Boise State

guhanesatawi | 24.10.2008 23:26

What's New at Y! IEWindowBrowser = (document.all) ? UICookie=' + escape(sUICookie) + ";" + ((60000 == null) ? Image('/IMAGES/Player/video/IANJOHNSON250_1023.JPG', '', 1, 300, 250, 1, 'Ian Johnson made headlines for his play and his p ... weiterlesen

Most Likely to Second-Guess Himself: Donnie Walsh

guhanesatawi | 24.10.2008 23:26

3 Shades of Blue Ball Don't Lie Ball in Europe Basketbawful Behind the Beat Blazers Edge Blog Maverick Blog-a-Bull Bullets Forever Celtics Blog Clipper Blog Detroit Bad Boys Dime Forum Blue and Gold Free Darko Gilbert Arenas Give Me the Rock Globetrotter ... weiterlesen

Water quality experts worry about untested chemica

zohogynifuci | 24.10.2008 23:25

Once treated, the Ottawa River provides drinking water for one million residents in cities and towns along its shore. But municipalities only test for a limited number of pollutants. Certainly, there's a lot more questions than answers. For instance, ... weiterlesen

In Memorium: Merl Saunders [1934-2008]

zohogynifuci | 24.10.2008 23:25

Mr. We’re extremely saddened to report that Merl Saunders passed away this morning at the age of 74 in San Francisco. Saunders’ B-3 playing broke new ground and has influenced many of the Hammond performers that have followed him. He’s ... weiterlesen

Grateful Dead Keyboardist Dies

exupuzenu | 24.10.2008 23:23

Saunders passed away on Friday morning from compliations of a stroke he suffered six years ago which left him unable to use one of his hands or speak. Despite having lost one side of his body to the stroke and being unable to speak, Merl lit up rooms wi ... weiterlesen

In Memorium: Merl Saunders [1934-2008]

exupuzenu | 24.10.2008 23:22

Mr. We’re extremely saddened to report that Merl Saunders passed away this morning at the age of 74 in San Francisco. Saunders’ B-3 playing broke new ground and has influenced many of the Hammond performers that have followed him. He’s ... weiterlesen

Mark Fuerst closes Rock City Bar & Grille, Inn at

exupuzenu | 24.10.2008 23:22

Friday! The Ringling Bros. FRIDAY! Picks: Ringling Bros. Friday! Become a part of our Street Team! 1:36 p.m. The View from St. Five food businesses went out of business suddenly on Sunday night. The historic Sawyer House and the nearby Rock City ... weiterlesen

One Fan's View: Whoa Baby!

kscott52 | 24.10.2008 12:51

In the words of Rick Jeanneret, “Woah, Baby!” Two 4-1 Buffalo teams going into Sunday, and the Bills came up huge with a statement game. 1. “I can bounce back from a Concussion.” - Trent Edwards2. “I couldn’t have had a bigger 4th quarter if ... weiterlesen

District attorney makes progress in short stint

toxakisop | 24.10.2008 12:45

McDougal in fight to keep job as Montgomery Co. Oct. Answers are arriving now. Everyone involved recognized there is no place for complacency in the continually evolving arena of our justice system. Thanks to the depth of experience and talent on the ... weiterlesen

American Gangster: Larry Davis Airs, Producer Spea

boximitor | 24.10.2008 12:44

Wednesday, October 22, 2008Buck Talks Album, Promises A Milli In First WeekQ-Tip Talks The Renaissance & Tribe DocumentaryHip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/19/08Stat Quo To Release "300-400" Unreleased Dr. Tuesday, October 21, 2008Eminem Talks Hip ... weiterlesen

Sarah Palin would be the last nail in the coffin o

tytarowam | 24.10.2008 12:43

Sarah Palin would be the last nail in the coffin of the Republican murder of the Earth. W. If John McCain (God forbid) is elected, we all sense he'll probably be gone in a year (or less) and that means Sarah Palin will be PRESIDENT. And that means sh ... weiterlesen

City gloom, arts boom: let's face the music and da

hywyhyvajaw | 24.10.2008 12:42

October 8, 2008City gloom, arts boom: let's face the music and dance, sing and laughThe financial world may be in meltdown, but there has never been a better time to enjoy culture in Britain. The City may be in meltdown. The news may be grim and grimmer ... weiterlesen

Bailout: It's About Capital, Not Liquidity; Seekin

elanidadej | 24.10.2008 12:39

U.S. With the current economic and financial turbulence, Roubini Global Economics is providing additional extended analysis of ongoing and breaking events. The events of the past few weeks have been coming so fast and have inspired so much emotion and ... weiterlesen

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