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uw-autor | 12.05.2017 19:36

Easy Job for Ultras -3 In the light of recent events Foreigners are payed court to ex officio Own people are persecuted. UW PS: Soon one mustnít even say that anymore! And then, then not even think it anymore! Pretty future. ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 27.03.2017 19:37

Human, beware of the machine men! UW ... weiterlesen

Jeez Typic

uw-autor | 11.03.2017 20:05

In fear of truth Live with illusions. UW ... weiterlesen

Democracies sort themself out

uw-autor | 19.12.2016 20:02

Democracies in many places Sort themself out. Go ahead! Youíll be successful. And who bears the blame? Not the folk. The establishment! UW ... weiterlesen

From Rabbits & Humans

uw-autor | 18.11.2016 19:59

Screw And to be screwed. Is the hares lot Our purpose too? And therefor all the grind? UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 10.11.2016 19:38

The nations have A belly full of High-polish politicians, Hypocrites & fabric softeners. They vote for people With rough edges. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 26.10.2016 19:52

Next wars will be won at the screens indeed, Nevertheless people will die. UW ... weiterlesen

Without a Licence Revocation

uw-autor | 25.09.2016 19:11

For anything you need a licence, e.g. drivers licence. But not for leading people. Every aÖ is allowed to smash people. And that without a licence revocation. UW ... weiterlesen

Human & Animal

uw-autor | 06.09.2016 20:14

I find it great, to communicate with other creatures. Therefor a common basic-fund exists By gestures, facial expressions and noises. UW ... weiterlesen

Heaven - Hell

uw-autor | 21.07.2016 19:49

And between the earth Former people thought: heaven Ė hell The earth between. Today we know: Earth is both. It depends on us, What we make thereof. UW ... weiterlesen

Brexit 4

uw-autor | 27.06.2016 20:41

A Europe of the parties Isnít a Europe of the people! UW ... weiterlesen


uw-autor | 15.06.2016 21:02

O what kind are these people, Which want to earn money out of the misery of others? Are they still humans at all? UW ... weiterlesen

So at least, the world economy canít get going

uw-autor | 27.05.2016 19:26

If fewer and fewer people are hoarding More and more money, How can be the economy stimulated? This canít work, Do these people have indeed collected the money. And the more new money is pumped into the markets, The more they collect. To b ... weiterlesen

Why is money not prohibited

uw-autor | 21.05.2016 20:33

Drugs are forbidden. Why money is not banned? Money intoxicates. Money is addictive. Money destroys the people. Money is a drug. The worst of all. So why is money not prohibited? UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 26.03.2016 19:21

With terror you can people Neither convince even convert. They are just terrorized. UW ... weiterlesen

They are humans!

uw-autor | 02.03.2016 19:52

Forget Europe II The EU is playing "Jackass". In Greece again it stands. Mutually they push the fugitives towards another. They are humans! No debts or commodities. Forget Europe, forget the EU. UW ... weiterlesen

We gamble away the freedom

uw-autor | 25.02.2016 19:19

We are losing currently, Wherefore people previously Have fought hundreds of years And sacrificed their lives: Our freedom. And that for what? Are we not owing it to them to Preserve this precious gift? UW ... weiterlesen

Thats the game, was bedeutet das & wer bin ich?

thatsthegame | 18.02.2016 14:26

Thats the game was bedeutet das? Natürlich können so ziemlich alle unter uns Englisch, klar und selbst ein kleines süßes Grundschulkind könnte mir das übersetzen, aber vieles ist mit einfachen übersetzen nicht getan. So ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 03.02.2016 19:14

ĄAll power to the peopleď And whatís with the chinkers? UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 17.01.2016 18:08

Who or what gives the politicans the legitimation To infantilize their people? What has this to do with democracy yet? UW ... weiterlesen

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