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mystoryx3 | 08.09.2013 13:41

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Trübe Aussichten

lenirox | 23.05.2013 23:24

Das aktuelle Wetter in Oberhof laut aktuell 1°C ergiebiger Schneefall Die Vorhersage für Samstag: Während es in der Region Oberhof am Freitag noch heiter ist, zeigt sich das Wetter a ... weiterlesen

25. April 2013

seetagebuch | 29.04.2013 16:41

Ich war drin! Bis zu den Knöcheln. In meinem geliebten Barumer See. Und ich kann es kaum erwarten, wieder richtig schwimmen zu gehen. Noch ist es mir zu kalt. Die Welt um de ... weiterlesen

Da läuft was schief!

lenirox | 20.01.2013 17:57

Irgendwie war es kein tolles Wochenende für mich.. Ich hab mir eine Erkältung eingefangen, die ist zwar eigentlich gar nicht schlimm, nervt aber trotzdem! Zumal ich auf's Laufen gehen verzichten musste, denn mit Schnupfen bei -5 Grad hätte ... weiterlesen

Zum Winter

wiredtale | 01.12.2012 14:19

Sonnig klarer Herbsttag heißt, man dann den Verfall besser sehen. Was der Frühling versprach, was der Sommer gebahr, ernährte, großzog, was wuchs, gedeihte und erfreute nähert sich dem Unvermeidbaren, zieht sich zurück, ver ... weiterlesen

Was für ein Tag...

sommartid | 14.09.2011 19:09

...Und dann auch noch den Abend - grausam. Angefangen hat er eigentlich positiv. Ich hab nicht verschlafen - dem Vollmond sei Dank, sondern mich eher seit 4 Uhr im Bett gewälzt und überlegt, ob ich aufstehe, oder doch bis halb sechs warte. Ic ... weiterlesen

Jay-Z / Eminem limited edition DJ Hero planned

fpqar | 01.06.2009 09:17

Bedroom DJs who can't actually be bothered to, you know, mix records and such: You're gonna be thrilled by this next bit of news. According to USA Today, Jay-Z and Eminem have joined our man DJ Shadow in attaching their names (and beats) to Activision's ... weiterlesen

Clevo TN70M UMPC gets checked out in the UK

slqiujnzkadm | 30.05.2009 08:46

zed reader Amazon's been working on in secret is announced in July. Did we mention it actually cooks pizza? how to loose weight on paxil how to get rid of cookies how to relic a guitar how to cook a london broil how to use quickbooks te ... weiterlesen

Ford Fiesta winning hearts and minds

yipqhszdm | 28.05.2009 20:00

The Ford Fiesta has already won us over -- twice - and we can't even buy the car yet. But European buyers are nabbing so many Fiestas that the Blue Oval is now enjoying a 10% market share in Europe based on the strength of the compact's sales alongside ... weiterlesen

Toyota Yaris Hybrid To Take On Low-Cost Honda

bncjimvaufry | 28.05.2009 19:29

Toyota officials have announced they're working on a Toyota Yaris hybrid to take on the new Honda Insight hybrid for cheap hybrid supremacy. Muscle Car Wars? Ha! Let the Hybrid Car Wars begin. According to Automotive News and Japan's Nikkei newspaper, T ... weiterlesen

Ruby-Covered Red Gold Mercedes SLR: Ronald McDonal

fourymhc | 28.05.2009 19:11

Ruby-Covered Red Gold Mercedes SLR: Ronald McDonald's Wet Dream conversion online aib 24 hour banking online play cubis online online phd education degree blogs online golfers site watch sex online free online landscape design atv ... weiterlesen

Prototype OCZ Z-Drive PCI-Express SSD splayed, sco

lzianruj | 28.05.2009 17:24

Mmm, PCI-Express-based SSD storage. Be honest, is there anything more delicious? The camera-wielding cats over at Hot Hardware managed to climb behind the scenes at OCZ Technology and snap a bevy of shots of the outfit's highly anticipated Z-Drive in pr ... weiterlesen

Coupe Mercedes SLK V58K

nvayrtf | 19.05.2009 12:05

However works sometimes come across, looking on which it is difficult to tell that experts of tuning studio have worked at them. One of such examples is sport coupe Vath V58K, extreme interpretation new Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG. German tuners have consi ... weiterlesen

A More Attractive Honda Ridgeline

abnqtpiru | 19.05.2009 11:58

The Geely Emgrand ET925 Experimental Truck, a Honda Ridgeline-esque unibody truck, debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show today. Don't tell Honda, but we think the styling on the Geely is actually better. The ET925 is a concept vehicle at this point, but it ... weiterlesen


eojihus | 19.05.2009 10:04

BMW X6 M internet marketing online advertising online email marketing top online casinos online shopping free online games online basketball betting psychic online online casino http online psychic reading online casinos ... weiterlesen

BMW announces 38-mpg X3 xDrive 18d

foeyalrmknsh | 18.05.2009 22:56

BMW has just announced a new addition to its SUV Sport Activity Vehicle line called the X3 xDrive 18d. Have we mentioned how much we dislike the current naming scheme for BMW 'utes? In any case, the new X3 will come equipped with a 2.0-liter (oddly, not ... weiterlesen

The JDM Civic Type R Is A Street Racer

yqpzunmstar | 18.05.2009 19:14

Honda’s current Civic Type R is a step back from the previous model made between 2001 and 2005. To get a proper Type R, you have to go to Japan—or the UK. Said previous model was the second generation Honda Civic Type R codenamed EP3, a proper bunny ... weiterlesen

Cadillac CTS Sport Gets Autonet WiFi Internet Acce

pjqtmnuadroi | 18.05.2009 18:19

Cadillac must have been really impressed by our use of the Autonet Mobile system because they'll be adding it to their best-selling CTS Sport Sedan in April, giving passengers, and naughty drivers, internet access. how to build a stucco fence how t ... weiterlesen

PS3 Motion Sensing Remote Is Done,

epoajsuk | 18.05.2009 18:07

.jpg"> According to some site we didn't know at all until now, the PS3 Wii-style motion sensing remote is not only not a rumor but a done deal. It's already finished, they say: Sony is reaching out to key third-party publishers and asking them to impleme ... weiterlesen

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