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Dieses ganz spezielle Gef├╝hl

wmm-whatmovesme | 05.12.2015 20:52

Warst du das in meinem Traum?Ich konnte dich nicht richtig sehen, erkannte dich kaum. ... weiterlesen

Der Anfang

nadinelife | 31.10.2014 23:09

... weiterlesen

Ein Wort, ein L├Ącheln.

eternalwait | 15.02.2011 20:49

Was ist eigentlich Liebe? Die Frage habe ich mir schon oft gestellt. Und jeder sagt etwas anderes. Die Definitionen sind vielschichtig. Sprechen von Zärtlichkeit, Zuneigung, Abhängigkeit, dass man mit dem anderen sein Leben verbringen will ... weiterlesen


koocie | 20.02.2010 23:34

Ich fühle mich so glücklich, so selbstbewusst, so ... frei. Wie noch nie.Es ist als würde die Welt nur auf mich warten.Immer wieder lässt das Schicksal, der Zufall, Gott oder sonst irgendwas bzw. irgend ... weiterlesen

Unterwegs in den Sph├Ąren

charlies | 20.10.2009 22:45

Es ist wohl ein teils ungl├╝ckliches Gef├╝hl, welches mich zuweilen beschleicht. Gerade die letzten Wochen, die wohl auch durch ein Fehlen an Plan und Routine und vielleicht T├Ątigkeit im Allgemeinen aufwiesen, zeichnen und l├Âsen die Orientierung. Es kom ... weiterlesen

Mazda CX-9 gets "bolder"

pdfqbhe | 28.05.2009 17:37

Mazda's new CEO introduced the CX-9 and its raft of changes to a U.S. audience at the New York Auto Show today. The swoopy lines picked up from the Nagare are said to be "the embodiment of emotion." And that's right, if you get can worked up for the new ... weiterlesen

Spyker C8 Aileron

ivzjqblfru | 19.05.2009 13:06

... weiterlesen

Diamond Detector Shows You Don't Trust Somebody

peakdcyr | 19.05.2009 11:42

This $199 DiamondNite supposedly tells the difference between real diamonds and cubic zirconia, but if you're saddled with a fake diamond, do you really want to know? sweepstakes online ako online driving schools online online music stations ... weiterlesen

The car of first aid BMW X3

rpdoqmeazvy | 19.05.2009 11:24

Geneva will be rich not only on exclusive premieres of the newest cars, but also will show to visitors of an exhibition specialised office models. The well-known Bavarian motor-car manufacturer, for example, will show rescue off-road car BMW X3 xDrive20 ... weiterlesen

Toyota reportedly cutting Prius price to match Hon

vdzmybreon | 19.05.2009 11:18

Toyota may have gotten used to being the leader in the hybrid sedan segment, but the Japanese auto giant didn't get to where it is today by failing to see the writing on the proverbial wall. With arch-rival Honda having priced its new Insight hybrid low ... weiterlesen

Hyundai Nuvis Concept

crbmaqn | 19.05.2009 11:16

Hyundai Nuvis Concept free new movies to watch online buy tupperware online play pokemon games online blockbuster video online online fundraising history degree online 2008 free online calendar degree graduate online teaching l ... weiterlesen

Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS

fricotad | 19.05.2009 11:13

Gemballa has created some pretty over-the-top Porsche models in the last few years, but the Tornado 750 GTS takes the cake for overall visual impact and completely unnecessary amounts of horsepower. Using the Cayenne Turbo as a base, Gemballa starts by ... weiterlesen

Chevy Corvette Grand Sport

paylqirb | 19.05.2009 10:38

Chevy is bringing back the Corvette Grand Sport, and unlike the one offered at the end of the C4's run in the mid-Nineties, this one sports a long list of performance upgrades that would make even Zora Arkus-Duntov proud. Rather than treating this reviv ... weiterlesen

Rescued Honda team

uzpjb | 18.05.2009 23:21

With a blank livery and Jenson Button at the wheel, the team currently known as Honda will return to action at a Silverstone shakedown of its 2009 car next Thursday, sources from inside the Brackley factory are reporting. With the Ross Brawn-led managem ... weiterlesen

Volkswagen Scirocco GT TDI

puiaoqnfmhb | 18.05.2009 23:00

Europeans just got another turbocharged diesel engine option for the Volkswagen Scirocco, leaving us even more jealous than before that the sporty hatchback won't be making its way to America. The new powerplant is the same unit that VW recently introdu ... weiterlesen

Timelapse Garden Video Camera keeps tabs on plant

lnmtohc | 18.05.2009 21:08

For those of you looking to prove just how green your thumb really is, have a gander at the Timelapse Garden Video Camera. Offered up at the always intriguing Hammacher Schlemmer, this weatherproof garden tool engages in the tedious task of taking snaps ... weiterlesen

Sony introduces a new PS3 dev kit

yunar | 18.05.2009 19:08

While we're still waiting for our PS3 price drop, Sony has announced the release of a newer, cut-rate PlayStation dev kit. While the current Reference Tool is priced at a mere $10,250 and has all the personality of a Betamax VCR, this new guy is going f ... weiterlesen

Blackmail - Me And My Shadow

dunkletraene | 18.05.2009 01:46

it started with a haze that's going round this place too dark to see the heathen in my face I am not the same it's sharking me again a colour to so divine oh god, you've come to see what your kids have in mind the devil felt ashamed I ... weiterlesen

Geely GT Tiger

ladryuf | 17.05.2009 22:14

Geely GT Tiger arab times online online casino gambling http free online rpgs adult games online local newspapers online free online library free online game dictionary online play the sims online gaia online layouts free ... weiterlesen

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