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Week eleven

serieslybloggin | 16.03.2015 14:50

Younger(S1 E1) Ok people. I like it!Interesting concept for sure. Liza is 40 and a mom and her husband just left her. So sh ... weiterlesen

Week nine (5)

serieslybloggin | 05.03.2015 09:25

Shameless(S5 E7) Wow. Like almost always I don't even know where to begin. Jimmy/Steve/Jack? Sammi shooting Frank? Lip being royally screwed? Ian in the nut house being miserable? Kev getting blowjobs without consent? Debbie having a boyfrend? C ... weiterlesen

Week nine (4)

serieslybloggin | 04.03.2015 20:50

Once upon a time(S4 E13) Storybrooke is back! Or rather there are people back in Storybrooke. Interesting people! Cruella and Ursula found their way into our little community. With a little help from a friend. The dark one is back. Freshly determined ... weiterlesen

Week nine (2)

serieslybloggin | 04.03.2015 13:48

Cougar Town(S6 E9)  Ellie and Travis are having an affair!!! .... an emotional one. Darn. Not even a sixteenth as juicy as an aff ... weiterlesen

Week nine

serieslybloggin | 03.03.2015 13:02

Mike & Molly(S5 E12) So. Peggy is toxic. Everybody seems to agree. Even the priest. Who doesn't agree? Peggy!Because it's always everybody else's fault. Obviously.I don't know how she can do it but she does. And I don't know how Mike and Molly al ... weiterlesen

Week eight

serieslybloggin | 01.03.2015 22:48

The Big Bang Theory(S8 E16) What person would you most want to .... have dinner with?Fight Club flashback anyone?  Anyways.Now we know Sheldon's birthday! Because Penny can't keep a secret. That little blabbermouth.Aside from that we got a littl ... weiterlesen

Week seven

serieslybloggin | 19.02.2015 15:02

Modern Family(S5 E15)Manny punches a poor disturbed and confused kid. Seems like a regular wednesday then! And Gloria is a bully. Who dlikes pineapples a lot.Claire is in heaven, she thinks. But then turns out she's in hell! And Phil thinks he's in hell f ... weiterlesen


britfilms-by-lem-seebaer | 16.02.2015 09:21

Hello everybody!This is my new blog about British films.Hope you'll enjoy it :-) Special greedings to my VIP Annika (Ai) :-* <3 ... weiterlesen

Week six (6)

serieslybloggin | 14.02.2015 23:15

The Flash(S1 E13) Ronnie is dead. Or is he? It seems you can never be a hundred percent certain when it comes to meta-humans. But ... weiterlesen

Week six (5)

serieslybloggin | 14.02.2015 13:10

Glee(S6 E7) Coach Beiste is back. And is getting harrassed by Vocal Adrenaline. Because at WMHS bullying is outlawed. Unless it' ... weiterlesen

Week six (4)

serieslybloggin | 13.02.2015 14:10

Mom(S2 E14) So. Seems everything is going upwards in the Plunkett household now. It was about time! Bonnie is blackmailing the pe ... weiterlesen

Week six (3)

serieslybloggin | 11.02.2015 20:53

New Girl(S4 E12) Well. Okay then.Cece is still in love with Schmidt whereas Schmidt likes his new girlfriend. ... weiterlesen

Week six (2)

serieslybloggin | 11.02.2015 16:59

The Fosters(S2 E15) Mariana is telling Anna that she's not going to be a good mom. On the on hand - okay. On the other I think she is being a bit unfair. Anna pulled herself together and stopped using. Something she had not managed before. I think th ... weiterlesen

Week six

serieslybloggin | 10.02.2015 13:38

Mike and Molly(S5 E9) So no time-gasm? God darn. That's too bad. I loved how Peggy of all people poked holes in Molly's v ... weiterlesen

Week five (4)

serieslybloggin | 08.02.2015 10:48

Glee(S6 E6) Love. That's what it's all about. In this episode of Glee anyways.Sam and Rachael kind of ... weiterlesen

Week five (3)

serieslybloggin | 06.02.2015 21:56

The Big Bang Theory(S8 E14)  It's the circle of embarrasment at the girl's apartment. Penny is in a weird ape movie. Bernadette used to be a peagant girl. Amy writes 18th century fan fiction. I wonder who should be ashamed most?     I ... weiterlesen

Week five (2)

serieslybloggin | 04.02.2015 21:59

 House of LiesSeason 4 Episode ... weiterlesen

Week five

serieslybloggin | 04.02.2015 12:39

2 Broke Girls (S4 E10) Oleg and Sophie are moving in together! Jippieh! ... or not? Whoever would think that's a good idea? ... weiterlesen

Week four (5)

serieslybloggin | 01.02.2015 19:31

The Vampire Diaries(S6 E12) Interesting episode. What have we learned? Vampire blood can't heal c ... weiterlesen

Feelings change

wxnder.lvnd | 31.01.2015 19:02

Hey guys, sometimes I am very unactive, sorry. In the last time I cut my ass off :( // Today my mother cut herself on a raizor and idk why but she cryed and then I thought: Haha Bitch, now you know what I feel like everyday and what is the only thing ma ... weiterlesen

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