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Here I am

uw-autor | 15.03.2017 19:59

My decisions Have brought me Exactly there, Where Im today. Good or bad? UW ... weiterlesen

Always we have to decide

uw-autor | 24.11.2015 20:17

The whole life is full of decisions. Big and small ones. More sensible and senseless. That begins even at o-dark-thirty in the morning. For example at shaving with the electric shaver. Which of the two sockets shall it be for today? The upper or l ... weiterlesen

Happy or sad?

schattensicht | 14.09.2013 20:52

I can decide what I feel... Sadness... Feels like The sun does never shine or... Happiness... Feels like Everything is fine But what do I tend to feel? ... weiterlesen


schattensicht | 21.07.2013 00:39

Now that I am looking back Watching the nightsky as black I remember the other track Stars have been shining in the black ... weiterlesen


schatten-der-schlaefer | 01.08.2010 10:58

We cou’d be so much more than this,Yet thy decision desecratesThe holy grale, love gone amiss:A proof of thy mind’s poor estate.How dared I vouch for this disgrace?Integrity thou always lacked.No virtue now could e’er replace,Nor keep my ... weiterlesen


schatten-der-schlaefer | 20.07.2010 08:44

Briefly, you have two options. The one has appeared on the horizon quite shortly; it is a remote but blindingly brightly shining light, remote but not beyond your reach; you have to put your hand out and grasp it, thereby risking to get burned. The other ... weiterlesen

A Matter of All or Nothing

schatten-der-schlaefer | 02.07.2010 09:28

Not all decisions are all-or-nothing matters (i.e. one can have either A or B but not both [(A v B) & ~(A & B)]), such as one can either have one’s cake or eat it. There are, however, such decisions, and the troubling thought about them is t ... weiterlesen

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