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Hi!My name ist Chantal and I LOVE animals If you love animals too, then please comment and we can be friends!!!


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14.11.2008 11:16   I got a new cat!!



04.12.2008 18:22
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15.11.2008 17:41
Kerry Hey! You're Francine is sooo cute :-D I've had a kitten myself who danced Samba to the music of Shakira - that was really great!! ^_^ Unfortunately she didn't survive the washing machine when my mother put her in with the laundry... :,( I hope that I'll also get a sweet piggy as a birthday gift =) Wish you a lot of fun with yours... greetz =*

14.11.2008 11:38
sunny_p Hi you!!! I read your news and I have to admit that I was laughing for the first time, since my beloved pet "carry" has gone last week... It was a bird and it flew away when my little sister forgot to close the window. I can't tell you how hard this has been for me, but I get better now. That's why I decided to search at the www for stories about pets and yours is my favourite one :-) So, I just want to thank you for giving me a new perspective.... My new pet will be a cat - isn't that nice?!?!? Bye sunny

14.11.2008 11:36
Nacho Libre Ooooh, pour pour Frank, he was the best pig since Babe or Flipper. I was kinda addicted to your blog.. But I'm really glad to know that u found someone nu 2 hug and kiss and snuggle andandand. I cant wait to hear from your poofy little friend, best regards, xoxoxo Nacho