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About me I'm live in Triberg in the black forest, in Germany. My parents came from Cambodia, and I have a sister and a brohter, my brohter is 12 years old, and my sister is 7 years old. I love my sister and brohter very much.I spend lots of time on the Pc and with my friends. My friends a beautiful and crazy but I have very fun with my friends.And I listen to music too everyday, music is my life. I'd like to meet Jay sean. He's from london and he's sing in enlgish, He's a nice singer i loved. And i like Jason Derülo too, he's can sing and very good dance.  Virsna 's blog Yesterday in went to my friends and playing games we have very fun. And we like to go out more often, or chill out in other cities. From time to time, we smoking sihsa or cigarettes.


Als ich noch jung war...   When I was young, I was pretty much go without hobbies :D hahaha
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   I want to have a nice work-based and family
Ich liebe...   I love very some things
Man erkennt mich an...   an meinen gestylten haaren


Musiker   Jay Sean Jason Derülo
Lieder   Rap RnB Pop I like most music
Sendungen   The Bang Theory
Filme   Battle Los Angeles
Schauspieler   nicolas cage tom cruise
Bücher   -.- !
Autoren   -.- !
Sportarten   football
Sportler   i don't know :D
Hobbies   i have no hobbys sorry :D

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