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Über sich

I would say that I am person who is constantly thinking about things. It seems that I never can quit the thinking or just let things happen the way they should.By reading this blog, people will find out a lot about me, wether they like this, or not. You read my emotions, my thoughts and you also read about my opinions on topics. Since there are so many things I am interested in, I guess you will very often read new things.And maybe, but only maybe, I can get people to think about things much further then they thought they could. There are so many different things were people still don't know a lot, or were they are - come to think of it - prejudice. I do hope, that you will like the blog, but in the end, it's still my blog with my thoughts, emotions and my opinions.


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19.09.2008 17:58   Second Opening of Death Note. L my hero! :P
19.09.2008 17:55   Almost no Time
22.08.2008 21:27   Another one that fits
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22.08.2008 21:18   Cindy went back home
11.08.2008 23:10   News? Don't think so.
29.07.2008 13:02   the golden M, Breaking Dawn & Succubus in the City
24.07.2008 14:01   Back
04.07.2008 19:47   ...
20.06.2008 09:40   ...



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