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First of all you may wonder why I wrote this in english but for me the english language is a lot easier than the german ^__^ I am 17 years old and about 6"1' tall. I have brown hair and green eyes and I am a lifetime-single. BtW the reason for that is that I am pretty shy. And Though I was born and raised in Germany I don't really feel like a german. I feel more like a canadian by birth and irish by the grace of god. I live here in Germany with my parents and my adorable dog, in a small town named Schorndorf. I also lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for a while. I went to Gottlieb-Daimler Realschule where I've passed my exams in 2007. Although, the year 2007 was a really hard one because one of my best friends, Francesco, was shot on the street without any reasons given. It really changed my life because I saw how short life can be and that, eventhough you don't have problems, you can get in trouble very easily. In 2008 I started learning japanese but it didn't went very well because i hadn't had the time during my apprenticeship. My apprenticeship takes place in Stuttgart, the school is called Berlitz Language School. The lessons aren't well organised and the learning method really sucks. Most of the people there are dumb, sorry to say that but it's the truth. They don't tolerate my being and want me to change into a complete different person. But now I finished the apprenticeship, I am so glad! But unfortunately I haven't found a job =( I hope that I can change that very soon but I am about to loose all my hope because either I don't have enough working experience or I need a drivers license >///< Somewhen, when I have enough money, I want to travel the World. There are four places where I would like to live: Paris, Hamburg, Tokyo and Dublin.


Als ich noch jung war...   ... life was more comfortable
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   ... I hope I can travel the world
Ich wünsche mir...   ... not to end up like most people do, avoiding fun just to get their work done
Man erkennt mich an...   ... my black clothes
Ich grüße...   ... my homeboys from T-Town Alabama and everyone else who wants to be greeted


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20.07.2009 21:30
Ich fass es nicht!!! Wir werden alle sterben!! XD ...



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