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Über sich

Hey guys! My name is Kim, I'm seventeen years old. This blog is the result of a crazy, long day that broke and healed my heart at the same time. It's a long story, so simply look at my first entry and guess for the rest. I'm going to be writing about my life - my friends, school, my hobbies and all that stuff. It's gonna be like a diary. You don't wanna read that? There's always an (red) x in the upper right corner! I am a very passionated christian scout. I believe and I'm proud of what I do for being a good Christian. Stay tuned for my adventures in a world full of wonders and beauty and nightmares.. my world!


Als ich noch jung war...   I was afraid of the future. And everything was better that it is now. But I liked boys all along! ;)
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   I want to become a surgeon to help people and teach myself that I can achieve absolutely anything.
In der Woche...   I would love to sleep longer or be able to do more things.
Ich wünsche mir...   To be happy and to find everything I am looking for. And I would really love to have a horse.
Ich glaube...   In God, humanity, passion, love, hope and instincts.
Ich liebe...   My family, my friends, my second scout-family, animals, my life, learning and loving.
Man erkennt mich an...   My dyed hair, green eyes, big nose, pretty average.
Ich grüße...   everyone I love!


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