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Schule: Lerchenberggymnasium Altenburg  
Universität: uni koeln the cold west  

Über sich

with the feeling my name lacks an A to be completed iam susanna 21 ohh well 22 years... living in cologne but the hearts lives somewhere with people i met during my travels...the heart also spos for a long time with my familiy living in altenburg far away from here too far dad is already gone on the other side of the bridge like my aunt once said... waiting for us there until we feel like coming... know am here for somebody who wants to read bout...


artist   incubus... radiohead... smashing pumpkins... portishead...mariza...superlitio...queens of the stoneage.. ultrageno...
song   when u get one with the beat putting ur hands up high and feeling it
series   gave up watching tv...
movie   cant remember the name i wtched it 2ce once with caroline this japanese film in rex cinema cologne...
actor   me once...
books   abschiedswalzer
autor   hesse kundera
activity   acting thinking travelling
Als ich noch jung war...   my tiny wolrd was a fairytaile with the age of 11 i woke up and evrything changed
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   let me just be happy once with wot i do , doing sth that noone feels like doing
In der Woche...   i wait for the next to come
Ich wünsche mir...   q yo y yo misma vivimos en paz
Ich glaube...   an das schicksal das uns etwas sagen will...
Ich liebe...   das was ich niemals haben kann
Man erkennt mich an...   grün gelbe senfaugen
Ich grüße...   XXX


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