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I Love this: The Train of LifeWhen we are born, and on the train,we meet people that we believe,that they will accompany us during our whole trip:OUR PARENTS.Unfortunately, the truth is different ...Get off at a stationand leave us without their love and affection,without their friendship and society back.However, to increase other people,which are very important for us on the train.They are our sisters, our friendsand these wonderful people we love.Some of these people that go,consider the journey as little walk.Others find only sadness on their journey.And there are still others in the train,who are always there and ready,to help those who need it.Some left when exitinga perpetual longing.Some one and rise again fromand we hardly noticed.It amazes us that some of the passengers,we prefer,to put in another carand let the journey in this section alone make.Of course, we can not stop us,to take the trouble to us to seek itand fighting us to her car.Unfortunately, we sometimes can not set them to us,because the space is already occupied by her side.Does not matter, so the trip is:full of challenges, dreams, fantasies, hopesand farewells ....... but no return.So, we make the journey in the best way.Let us try toget along with our fellow travelersand we seek out the best in each of them.Let us remember,that in each section of the routecan vary one of the companionsand possibly our understanding needs.We will also fluctuate more oftenand there will be someone who understands us.The great mystery of the trip is that we do not knowwhen will we finally get off and neitherwhen our fellow passengers will get off,not even the one who sits next to us.


Als ich noch jung war...   My biggest dream was a horse farm, house, a wonderful family .. children and a large garden with many fruits. Little girl dreams!:*
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   Now I just wish family, love, friends always stand behind a and health. 'Only' can not say if you know how many poor people there are not poor because they have no money but poor with love, joy of living and hire the people really need.
In der Woche...   youu..*_*
Ich wünsche mir...   My best Friend on my site..:*
Ich glaube...   I don't belive to the 'true Love of Life'..:*
Ich liebe...   I love a lot of things .. travel, laugh, my friends, to love and be loved, the feeling of be wanted, my family and people holding to me. Also material things such as shoes, dresses, makeup, my cell phone and other things.
Ich grüße...   Antonia, Mendy& Tina my Life..:*


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