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Über sich

i´m just a visitor of my own dreams, running around without which way is right, but I follow the music inside my heart which is not heard by myself yet.And still I´m such a fool because I don´t know about tomorrow, even though my future has been decided by myself long ago.I can´t to anything exept saving the breath I sing with, the hands I draw and write with and the ears that will hear your voice calling out for me....in love the girl in the red dress and the Umbrella


Als ich noch jung war...   I didn´t know where to go.
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   I´m already tall enough!
In der Woche...   I´m always tierd.
Ich wünsche mir...   I wish that I´m able to develope the strengh to furfill my dreams.
Ich glaube...   That human beings are really troublesome.
Ich liebe...   the blue sky and the Moment on Stage.
Man erkennt mich an...   strange shoes, dark hair, and distant eyes
Ich grüße...   my mom?


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