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Über sich

A tiny little girl, of 16 yrs, who live in Germany and called Rosa. My favourite colour is black (like my clothes xD) and violet. I love to draw and to take some photographs about the nature around me and some beautifull places. (i don't have a expert camera, only my handy, but i give my best QQ) I've made some Cosplays (like Bubbleheadnurse from Silent Hill) and love costumes . My interesstes are psychology, art, books, mangas (of course xD) and concerts. My favorite music is industrial or gothic and my favourite Band is Rammstein,Subway to Sally and Samsas Traum (ohmygod only german bands ;o So.. if you have some questions ,ask. I love to know knew people around the world <3.


Als ich noch jung war...   i was sweet,friendly and catholic ♥ I don't had any female friends, only some boys .
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   i'm going to be have a lot of fun in my life ♥ O(≧∇≦)O
In der Woche...   I'm going to school and sleep a lot in the afternoon, chatting and make some stuff on my computer♥
Ich wünsche mir...   ☆ Love ♥ ☆ to know some knew people
Ich glaube...   i'm a little confused.
Ich liebe...   ☆ Mangas (Yaoi,Yuri,Horro&some stuff like that) ☆ cats & rats! ☆ Games ☆ Computers ☆ black(&sometimes rosa too) ☆ beautiful pictures
Ich grüße...   Hey god ♥ !


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