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.c0{width:2px;background-color:None;} .c1{width:2px;background-color:Black;} geekfactor my intentions were good Eigentlich sollte dieses Blog von den Geekfactor-Comics inspiriert sein. sometimes i feel that my life is becoming stagnant you know, almost like, happy, or something all i ever seem to do ismake feel people bad for being my friend but sometimes even compliments can make you feel worse but, y'know, if it matters to you, i do feel a lot better now and that trouble is so vague, so metaphysical, that i'm ashamed of it you are still the best thing that ever happend to me but at least she was not sad any longer ahh ... whatever i hope it's not parasites building coalitions = fun! whoopie! and if we sucked, we could just write the dj a nice letter life can be hell sometimes Mittlerweile überleg ich, ob ich das Blog nicht als Inspiration für einen Comic, der "Creepfactor" heißt, nehmen sollte.


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