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Hiiii guys👋 I'm so excited I finally started with my fashion blog! 'Cause I'm adiccted into fashion, beauty and all that cute girl stuff and I don't know what to do with all that wried girlypinkglittersparklyunicorn ideas in my brain I thought, hhhm july, why not start a fashiont blog to all tha t beautiful cute girlys over there (maybe also for some guys I have no idea) and tell them about that wried stuff chillin' in ya brain. Actually this insn't a self introduction but hey, why being like others when you can be yourself and do stuff others dont do... Okay I maybe start getting stupid with all that text so lets get that cute self introduction started. Sooooooooooo, ma cuties... My name is julia but you guys can also call me july, like my bestieeees do. I'm 14 sparkly years old and I'm a PLL-ler (if you guys don't know what I mean - shame in you! go to wherever you get DVD's and buy you all scales of Pretty little liars and watch it. Tell your dog, your grandmother and all that cute persons you deal with that you're busy for the next two weeks. No ma friendzzz just kidding, but if you dont know pretty little liars- just can say that this stuff is amazing better you try it!!) Do you remember this moment when someone for example your teacher says: "tell something about you" and you just forget who you are. Is just me being so damn stupid or are there people out there who understand that creepy situation. I wont say now when i'm writing this it is such a Situation but i dont know what to tell you about me. Lets say that when you have questions you just come over here and ask me whatever you want. 🎀 XOXO July💕 P.S send me some wried pictures on snapchat cuties!! My Name there is julii_21 ♡ sooo habe a nice day and dont forget that you are beautiful!!❤


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