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Pasta is the core of life.The secret of "salt in public". Maturity deprivation tanks for the win. This, and further precious advices you could find in my blog - which unfortunately was deleted because I didnt log in for ages. So here, on a new host, you can find even yet more astonishing lessons for life. Such as "Diversity under black light" (inside joke). But also,did you knew: "Nothing is like two asian girls. Except one asian girl." If you know one, the world is all yours. You cant have the world twice, so one " all" is as much as two. Yes, you wouldnt have expected me to say that, neither did you think about the possibility I just tell you that so you leave me the 2nd. Fuck yeah, Miss LingLing makes an unexpected return and I apollo-gyse. A bag of red beans in her grasp! There are only two things in the world that matter.One are walking ricecakes. The second is to never forget the first (and not to forget to pass that on). It should be severely punished to ever forget it. . Im just trying to introduce myself.So if you think "Whos Enevelyahhh" you know , Im Negan. We're all Negan. I'd rather prefer to be Lucille though, shes harder than negans dick. You find that offensive?! Its a matter of fact. Dude... but what the hell. Neganesque Asianesses and me, the Neologismness , demand rice and beans, you peasant. I miss the two Lust objectesses. Dumb. Delusional. Divine. Mischievousesses! Wohoo, Ling and Pau are long gone. The linglingness of pau is a sure fact but the pauness of LingLing is still unrivaled (so fuck her, to hell with her divine ass >.>). Gone, but still they play an important role in my mindscape. Theyre heroines... Keep sxringes handy. For you can inject the if you get ahold of them (and Lingnapping is outlawed). It used to be the great game hunt for the entire family (except your wife, dude. She soiled the fun) And so far, you didnt tell me i need to.be called a wack bitch else mankind is going to extinct by an asteroid, insulting me prevents it so be intrepid and inform me about it, let me know you exist by a feedback or such. The last is: Hail Ana, and lets kill ourself. They say "by my own hand", which is odd, i have two hands and plan to use them regularly just to prove it. You old rambler. Stay focused... Itnotsatponr!! <3  


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