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Über sich

I'm crazy and unpredictable. Sometimes happy and sad at the same time. Can laugh even if inside I'm crying. Can be silly, but also serious. I hate fakers, and people who judge you even if they don't know you. 90% of myself belongs to my dark side ... My english is really really bad. Also I can speak italian and german (:enough? :DIf you have any question - than ask! I don't think i will kill you for that ^^


Als ich noch jung war...   I thought one day life could be great ... - I think I was wrong.
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   older than 18? ...
In der Woche...   I think a lot ... and I try to survive and to be stronger than the call inside my head who tells me to do `the last step´.
Ich wünsche mir...   that my friends can have a happy life, without the wohle shit ...
Ich glaube...   I don't believe in anything anymore ...
Ich liebe...   him ...
Man erkennt mich an...   don't know ... try to ask some of the people who knows me?
Ich grüße...   those of you who maybe knows me or stuff like that ... idk


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