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Als ich noch jung war...   I was very small. :)
Wenn ich mal groß bin...   I wanna have a band or do physical things or do management.
In der Woche...   I have to go to school. -.-"
Ich wünsche mir...   I would live in the USA. It would be great I think. And I wish I could speak and write englisch without any mistake.
Ich glaube...   That you can do everything you want if you think you can make it right.
Ich liebe...   Forests. There's no noise and you can think about everything.
Man erkennt mich an...   My very blond hear and my blue eyes. Well, the one eye's so blue and the other one is a little bit green. Yaay, and I'm very small. Only 1.63cm.
Ich grüße...   Everyone I know. Above all Lilly and Aylin, the girls who understand me in every situation.


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