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i'm jasmin,but i'm often referred to as barbie or jasi.i'm 21 && i am a gogo girl with all my love. i have an obvious obsession with the color pink!i have 1 sweet,lil yorky's my babie.i love hello kitty.i dot my i's with hearts.i cuss like a sailor, arrr.i like party ,dance & music. i'm told i'm funny.i know i'm not perfect, but i'm cofmortable with myself.sorry if your not,but that's no reason to dislike me.i'm ditzy lots of the time,but that's just how i am.everyone i know thinks i'm a dumbass.i have a pretty bad case of add.i live in my own little world.i want to be famous.i think it's funny when people talk about me.i wear lots of makeup,and i love to fake bake!i love glitter and sparkles!i always wear big earrings.true religion jeans are my favorite.i love juicy couture.i'm high maintenance to the max.i love getting my hair and nails done.i hate bugs and spiders,they creep me out.i don't think before i do things,and that usually gets me into trouble.i love life.don't assume shit before you know shit,because i'm probably different than you expect!    


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