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uw-autor | 16.05.2017 19:37

Cyber-Delusions Once more A cyber-attack has shown us, To which toys The whole world entrusts itís life. Pretty future. UW ... weiterlesen

As SF-Freak

uw-autor | 22.03.2017 19:30

With a pencil in your hand You can create worlds And destroy galaxies. UW - Pencildaydreams ... weiterlesen

A little bit World Saving

uw-autor | 18.03.2017 19:45

Everyone for himself Is able to Save a little bit world UW ... weiterlesen

Crazy World

uw-autor | 24.01.2017 19:59

Isnít it crazy? TTIP will be Undone just by him, Who oughta be the most interested thereon. If that isnít crazy! UW ... weiterlesen

Plaint of Worlds

uw-autor | 23.01.2017 20:32

However what is this world A more hostile to life ice bunker. Why canít it be In it so warm As in Abraham's bossom. UW ... weiterlesen

Marokko-ein Orientalisches Erlebnis

travanna | 18.12.2016 20:43

Marokko ist vermutlich nicht grade ein Reiseziel das jeden reizt. Wie ich zu diesem Land gefunden habe ? Mein Freund kommt gebürtig aus Marokko, daher habe ich mich angefangen mit dem Land auseinander z ... weiterlesen

All Over in Space

uw-autor | 16.11.2016 19:27

All over In space Is that the case, On so many globes Can be worlds. We are not alone. But is it good? Is it bad? Honestly, Iím not quite sure. UW ... weiterlesen


uw-autor | 08.11.2016 19:38

Today the whole world is looking at you. Actually you are not enviable. UW ... weiterlesen

Today is Doomsday

uw-autor | 31.10.2016 19:54

Today shall be the end of the world. Once again. My world is already lost. Long ago. UW ... weiterlesen

Diabetes Natural Cures

diabetescure2016 | 22.10.2016 16:16

Along with over 194 million folks enduring globally and also the ranking as the 6th leading cause of death in the western side world, that stands to explanation that folks are more than ever distressed to discover an organic treatment for diabetes mellitu ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 03.08.2016 20:04

The world is cheerless again today. UW ... weiterlesen

Terrorism never has been a good way

uw-autor | 15.07.2016 19:51

Terrorism never has been a good way To change the world. Has brought only fear and terror. And for future generations Makes worse the situation. UW ... weiterlesen

Heiko Friedlein

kein-kuchen-im-himmel | 19.06.2016 01:11

... weiterlesen

Twitter is a Mirror

uw-autor | 05.06.2016 20:02

A mirror of the global society. In this the fart of a celeb counts more Then all misery of the whole world. UW ... weiterlesen

What is here still equitable?

uw-autor | 11.04.2016 19:57

Equitable in the western world is nothing. Not even the laws and paragraphs. UW ... weiterlesen

Corruption Everywhere

uw-autor | 05.04.2016 19:58

Yesterday: Switzerland & Lichtenstein Today: Panama And tomorrow: The whole world. But isnít today Quite tomorrow? UW ... weiterlesen

Despite Dirty Tricks

uw-autor | 04.04.2016 20:11

The world is full of dirty tricks, As recent revelations show. | The response: Whining! | And the reaction: Nothing! Once again NOTHING! UW ... weiterlesen

ÔĽŅTerritory Drivers Suspected Of Being Below Infl

westergaardthrane9 | 21.01.2016 22:25

The program establishes a way for parents to get, free of charge of charge, drug testing kits that they can use with their young children. If you have any concerns on our clia waived drug test cups, clia waived Point of Care testing devices and drug test ... weiterlesen

ÔĽŅRacine Co. Sheriff's Workplace To Hand Out Cost

westergaardthrane9 | 21.01.2016 22:25

The LaPorte county wellness division is partnering with the LaPorte County Drug Free Partnership by supplying drug testing kits. He stated that he has no self-assurance at all in those test kits.‚ÄĚ to the high c ... weiterlesen

No good feeling

uw-autor | 13.01.2016 19:47

As a Muslim you have currently Almost all over the world Really drawn the short straw. A fucking feeling! Everywhere one feels observed And feels the mistrust all around. Something like that I As a German have previously Sometimes fe ... weiterlesen

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