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JOHNNIE WALTERS: Hoop flicks hitting threes all da

eashlee24 | 20.07.2008 09:32

The Houston Chronicle's Jonathan Feigen on the Rockets and the NBA. Rarely do movies come along when it's hard to stop laughing. When you're hesitant to take your eyes off the screen because you think you may miss something.Nowadays, most movies revolve ... weiterlesen

For the records: Height of luxury

flossiem37 | 18.07.2008 17:22

Standing 333 metres tall,, Rotana Rose Tower has 480 luxurious rooms, suites and penthouses. Rotana Rose Tower, an all-suite hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road, towers above its peers at 77 floors, standing 333 metres tall, with 480 luxurious rooms, suites and ... weiterlesen

Moms Are Talking About...

brianc35 | 18.07.2008 17:22

Keith Urban says parenthood is "pure bliss": On his website, Keith Urban, 40, wrote of his 10 day-old daughter Sunday Rose with Nicole Kidman: "Like any of you who are parents yourselves, we're experiencing the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives. ... weiterlesen

For the records: Height of luxury

mchristopher | 18.07.2008 17:21

Standing 333 metres tall,, Rotana Rose Tower has 480 luxurious rooms, suites and penthouses. Rotana Rose Tower, an all-suite hotel on Shaikh Zayed Road, towers above its peers at 77 floors, standing 333 metres tall, with 480 luxurious rooms, suites and ... weiterlesen

Thinking of Security Vulnerabilities As Defects

mariaa50 | 18.07.2008 10:05

SecureThroughObscure writes "ZDNet Zero-Day blogger Nate McFeters has asked the question, 'Should vulnerabilities be treated as defects?' McFeters claims that if vulnerabilities were treated as product defects, companies would have an effective way of f ... weiterlesen

Blue Cliff to Boost Physician Adoption of EMRS amo

jasona47 | 18.07.2008 10:05

Last update: 2:00 p.m. 17 percent. Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT). Internet, LAN or WAN. 30 to 40 minutes. Nissenbaum, iMedica's CEO. Microsoft's latest .NET technology. IT staff intervention. Blue Cliff, Inc. Manoa Innovation Center ... weiterlesen

cevo releases cs 1....

gangelique34 | 18.07.2008 10:05

HomeNewsScoreboardStatisticsFeaturesDemosWorld RankingsNation RankingsMoney ListForumsGalleriesDownloadsEvent ResultsFrag MoviesGotFrag TV VOD's Community News esea 5v5 cash event10 last chance to sign...19 howie's gameshack s...39 antec announced a ... weiterlesen pulls plug on Sun's flagship Unix s

brianj62 | 18.07.2008 10:04

The move comes as prepares to bring up a new data center in Singapore to serve its SaaS platform, which now supports 43,600 customers. Chief executive Marc Benioff told us had picked Dell because it offered the "highest qua ... weiterlesen

Self-evaluation for media

ycharles54 | 17.07.2008 11:19

A Newspaper Published by World Institute for Asian Studies. Vol. 7 No. Aung San Suu Kyi is now serving her third term of house arrest. The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty ... weiterlesen

Wambach's broken leg mars US win over Brazil

djess35 | 17.07.2008 11:17

JsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? SAN DIEGO (AP) — On a night when the United States woman should have been eyeing the upcoming Olympics, they were dealt a crushing blow to their gold medal hopes when Abby Wambach broke her lef ... weiterlesen

A daily look at the best sportswriting on the Web

cgene39 | 17.07.2008 11:17

Forgot your username or password? The events preceding the All-Star Game have a manufactured quality that often turns those two days into a weary trudge of dopey, content-free interviews, specialty uniforms and product placements. Take the 2008 Home Ru ... weiterlesen

Creative Spirit Leads Tina Nguyen To Begin Working

esam41 | 17.07.2008 11:16

2008-07-10 21:43:31 - Blaine, Minnesota resident, Tina Nguyen, is not your typical college student. While enrolled in the Advertising program at The Art Institutes International Minnesota, she still found the time to lead and participate in the National ... weiterlesen

NINA'S PICKS: Summer TV is terrible

irvingj50 | 17.07.2008 11:15

Summer is the worst time to be a cable-free TV fan. All you get is reruns or the most ridiculous reality shows or depressing Padres games. It's bleak. 1. The Baby Borrowers. Teens taking care of babies. It's perhaps more effective than birth control. 2 ... weiterlesen

The All-Star Game That Won’t End

tedward60 | 16.07.2008 10:14

N.Y. This the longest All-Star Game ever, by time of game, and it has matched the longest in terms of innings, with 15. Things are getting a little weird, safe to say. Scott Kazmir is the last available pitcher for the A.L., and the Rays didn’t even ... weiterlesen

TAKE 5: Yankee doodling

kevinb39 | 16.07.2008 10:13

Yankees principal owner George Steinbrenner's 78th. To celebrate the occasion, we offer five memorable moments featuring "Seinfeld's" Steinbrenner, whose face we never saw, but whose voice was supplied by Larry David. Episode: "The Secretary" (199 ... weiterlesen

Check here if outside US

kristenm63 | 16.07.2008 10:11

INSIDE THE TIGERS • Detroit Tigers Home • Detroit Tigers Stories • Cutoff Man Blog • Tigers Minor League • Tigers Podcasts • Detroit Tigers Forum • Detroit Tigers Photos • West Mich. Bonine struck by line dri ... weiterlesen

Dead veterans happy to rock again for Obama

josed31 | 13.07.2008 16:27

RTR_ArticleBlurb = " By Gary Graff DETROIT (Billboard) - Barack Obama's presidential run might pay dividends for Deadheads this year. Hart told Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing inv ... weiterlesen

Somers Point teen spot reopens as Beach Club

jjennifer47 | 13.07.2008 16:24

SOMERS POINT - When a judge ruled in April that City Council was justified in revoking the mercantile license for the under-21 dance spot Club Play, owner Roy Hamilton was despondent."I don't think it's going to work out in Somers Point," Hamilton said.B ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

vdavid54 | 13.07.2008 16:24

Originally from: Classical - Various Artists Romantic Collection Trypes Party Ston 13O Orofo download download Blue mp3 download Blondie album by Blondie download Phantom Of The Forest mp3 Ed Starink download Retrospection album buy Full Cycle FCY058 ... weiterlesen

One Nation, Under Slurpee®

mtodd25 | 11.07.2008 14:11

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--If Slurpee Nation were a real country, it would be a really cool one. 8211; just got cooler. Brody, 7-Eleven marketing manager for Slurpee and fountain beverages. Diverse. And as colorful as a rainbow Slurpee. Integer. 8217; ... weiterlesen

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