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A New Debate Over Steering Hurricanes

georgel45 | 07.07.2008 18:53

Search U.S. Yahoo! In theory, the idea is simple: Lower the temperature of the clouds, and scientists could weaken a hurricane or even alter its path. In one scenario, airplanes would spread a layer of soot into the icy clouds at the top of a storm sys ... weiterlesen

Movie guide

annd61 | 07.07.2008 18:52

Mt. Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson" (NR). Director Alex Gibney (the Oscar-winning "Taxi to the Dark Side") has a strong subject with this documentary about a legendary journalist whose life was as wild as his writing. Johnny Depp rea ... weiterlesen

Drug offenses lead crime stats in Payette County

dilene42 | 07.07.2008 18:51

Guitar man ... Officials searching for clues in bovine tuberculosis episode ... Drug offenses lead crime stats in Payette County ... Idaho mobile home park gets new water source ... Nyssa’s renowned rock festival kicks off next week ... NEWS DIGEST ... ... weiterlesen

Presidential race: Contrasting Obama, McCain

maryd34 | 02.07.2008 20:10

Don Bendell, 61, of Florence ( ) is an author of 25 books with more than 1.5 million copies in print worldwide. He served as an officer in Army Special Forces (Green Berets), including a 1968-69 combat tour in Vietnam, and is in the In ... weiterlesen

» Michigan's Harbor Country

lucilled45 | 02.07.2008 20:09

ImageHandler.addImage( { id:77188, caption:'Three Oaks is bicyclist friendly with a network of superb trails. Three Oaks is bicyclist friendly with a network of superb trails. Bicycles and bologna, parades and Prancer. For years these have been tourism ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

gladysj61 | 02.07.2008 20:09

Originally from: zithromax pack zithromax pack drug zithromax package insert zithromax packs zithromax pak drug zithromax patent zithromax patent expiration zithromax patent expiry zithromax pediatric zithromax pediatric dosage zithromax pediatric dos ... weiterlesen

PHILADELPHIA: Bennison' Lawyer Files for Dismissal

ajoann41 | 02.07.2008 14:05

Register now for more content and features!! Dr. Dr. PHILADELPHIA: Bennison's Lawyer Files Motion for Dismissal Citing Statute of Limitations. Bennison Blasted by Church Attorney for Failure to Protect VictimDay Four of the Ecclesiastical Trial of PA ... weiterlesen

In every fucking way butterflies and hurricans

lovely.lady | 14.05.2008 10:46

Life is like Photography you use the negatives to develop.  ... weiterlesen

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