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Positive Bunny Post and more

anadreaming | 29.06.2017 18:03

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About Recovery

anadreaming | 29.06.2017 17:30

If a recovered life really sucks, you can always go back to your eating disorder. But give it a try. Not a month, but a real try. You are in power, and you save yourself. source: ... weiterlesen

Solo on sea

lifeasme | 30.04.2017 22:37

Jeder Tag ist der gleiche, nichts verändert sich, man geht unter. Überall Wasser. Man fühlt sich alleine, in einer Menschenmenge. So alleine wie man sich noch nie gefühlt hat, nun denkt man nach.Man denk und denk, Gefühle überhäufen dich. Alles kommt Aufe ... weiterlesen

Ohne Titel

uw-autor | 17.03.2017 19:53

Lucky, Who can live a life at the moment. Pitiful this one, Who lives his whole life for the moment And never reaches it. UW ... weiterlesen

Starting life on the wild side

merry-n | 14.03.2017 09:51

Kleiner Wüstenhopper weidet friedlich auf der Piste, während die Prinzessin Lunchpakete an die Zugvögel verteilt. Eager to start - eager for adventure - ready to enjoy every breath - ready to greet every moment like empty vessels longing to tak ... weiterlesen


canisdebakura | 16.02.2017 23:16

Warum gerate ich eigentlich immer an den falschen Menschen? Der letzte Mann, ja ich überrasche mich selbst immer wieder, hatte auch mal wieder nichts für mich zu bieten. Bin ich zu anspruchsvoll? Ich hätte eben gerne jemanden, der nicht nur fragt wo mein ... weiterlesen

Eine Woche ohne Zugriff....

castleonthehill | 16.02.2017 21:05

Hallo da draußen, da die Seite leider nicht funktioniert hat - zumindest bei mir nicht - war ich eine Weile offline. In dieser Zeit ist so viel passiert, dass ich gar nicht weiß wo ich anfangen soll. Aber wahrscheinlich ist es am besten gleich mit dem Tag ... weiterlesen

Tough Nut Silly Nut

uw-autor | 15.02.2017 19:28

Life can be a Pretty tough nut. And I a silly, If I can’t crack it. UW ... weiterlesen

My Love

uw-autor | 27.01.2017 18:35

Let the sunshine in your heart And beat the darkness out of my life. UW ... weiterlesen

What’s the Meaning of my Life

uw-autor | 26.01.2017 20:31

All my life In search of the meaning of life In vain Is this perhaps the meaning of life Not The target is the target But The way UW Now comes the cat Laying across my notes And shows me the meaning of my life Bring me to purr ... weiterlesen

A Basket Case

uw-autor | 12.01.2017 19:38

What I’ve understood in my life up to now: "Heroes die lonely!" And merely after many bloody noses: One must be stupid enough, To be a hero! And the most stupid of all: To act against better conscience! How so? UW ... weiterlesen

Happy New Year Every Day!

nemesisallstar | 23.12.2016 09:59

Aalyah woke up on New Years day not feeling like she was going to have a good day. She didn't want to start the new year feeling badly because it might be an omen of things to come. What if we treated every day as a new year? Today is just yet another n ... weiterlesen

Christmas roomtour****saltmas

saltypepper | 22.12.2016 18:27

Merry saltmas to everyone!I know I haven't uploaded a new blogpost for a while now because I am working on something special for you!But anyway, today some inspiring pictures of my room: I hope you could find some inspiration and have yourself a merry lit ... weiterlesen

Discover Best Inspirational Video clips for girls

boltfield76 | 08.12.2016 16:08

Life is never simple and can be really hard at times. Typically, awful things happen unexpectedly, so you aren't ready to encounter them. Anxiety, low self-esteem, low stress resistance, inattentiveness, lower energy and fatigue - all these are common sig ... weiterlesen

Halloween with saltypepper

saltypepper | 01.11.2016 19:10

Happ Hallowenn my spooky friends. It is Halloween again and that's why I created a Lana del Rey inspired makeup tutorial for you. Get the look- step by step... ... weiterlesen

Easy and minimalistic beauty hacks

saltypepper | 25.10.2016 18:49

It's time for a new post, for more saltypepper and for much more minimalism on my blog. Some of you might ask how a makeup obsessed girl can survive with so less makeup and that's what todays blogpost is going to be about. I am going to show you how ... weiterlesen

Travel report BERLIN

saltypepper | 16.10.2016 15:48

I finally travelled to Berlin. I always wanted to travel to the capital city of my home country Germany and on the 11th October 2016 I did it. I was amazed by the size of a city with over 3 million inhabitants. But just take a look on your own: ... weiterlesen

So it is

uw-autor | 12.10.2016 19:37

“The death belongs to the life”.* Although as conclusion.** *) saying **) UW ... weiterlesen

Autumn / Fall eye makeup tutorial

saltypepper | 12.10.2016 11:34

You know that I love Autumn and I thought that my favourite season needs an own eye makeup. If you want to create your own Autumn eye makeup I would recommend using different brown tones for it. But this is just what I think would suitable for Autumn. ... weiterlesen

Travel report NETHERLANDS

saltypepper | 03.10.2016 21:27

holland - Kizoa Video und Movie Maker Intro music: Autumn - TheRigs video music: Sun Models - ODESZA I finally travelled to the Netherlands, and no, I did not meet NikkieTutorials or any other famous persons. I just had a beautiful ... weiterlesen

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