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uw-autor | 27.03.2017 19:37

Human, beware of the machine men! UW ... weiterlesen

Jeez Typic

uw-autor | 11.03.2017 20:05

In fear of truth Live with illusions. UW ... weiterlesen

A Dog's Life

uw-autor | 02.03.2017 19:56

A man is like a dog. Give him his strokes And you’ll have the best dog, You can only get. Wau wau! UW ... weiterlesen

Is that Right [=Right?4]

uw-autor | 04.01.2016 19:37

With which legitimation? People assume the right? To decide on other people? Is that right? UW ... weiterlesen

The 7 scourges of my time

uw-autor | 06.11.2014 19:58

1. The exploitation of human beings 2. The ruthless killing of animals 3. The destruction of the nature 4. The cupidity of the rich 5. The stock market 6. The wars and the terror 7. The worldwide monitoring U.W. ... weiterlesen

Nihilism and Ethical Thought

schatten-der-schlaefer | 22.07.2010 11:54

It appears as though ever since human beings have developed conscious thought, there has been a constant struggle for deeming our own species as superior to anything else in the world. Regardless of what evidence to the contrary, there always have been pe ... weiterlesen

An Ideal Comprising Two Long-Term Goals of Being H

schatten-der-schlaefer | 15.07.2010 08:25

Some people appear to have a heart of stone. Others seem to have no heart at all. And still others are simply too stupid to realize what is going on around them.Life is full of lessons; we may even say life is a book of lessons; or just one big less ... weiterlesen

Tell Me True

schatten-der-schlaefer | 12.07.2010 08:11

Finally, at sunrise he rose from the dust and spake:‘Now, as so oft, I wonder whether I am the only one. Am I the only one left, or has there never been someone else in this world?To be sure, I am not talking about solipsism, or the question whether ... weiterlesen

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