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uw-autor | 27.03.2017 19:37

Human, beware of the machine men! UW ... weiterlesen

Jeez Typic

uw-autor | 11.03.2017 20:05

In fear of truth Live with illusions. UW ... weiterlesen

A Dog's Life

uw-autor | 02.03.2017 19:56

A man is like a dog. Give him his strokes And you’ll have the best dog, You can only get. Wau wau! UW ... weiterlesen

The most dangerous Weapon of Humankind

uw-autor | 20.01.2017 19:41

A-bomb? H-Bomb? Dynamite? No: Money! UW ... weiterlesen

From Rabbits & Humans

uw-autor | 18.11.2016 19:59

Screw And to be screwed. Is the hares lot Our purpose too? And therefor all the grind? UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 26.10.2016 19:52

Next wars will be won at the screens indeed, Nevertheless people will die. UW ... weiterlesen

Without a Licence Revocation

uw-autor | 25.09.2016 19:11

For anything you need a licence, e.g. drivers licence. But not for leading people. Every a… is allowed to smash people. And that without a licence revocation. UW ... weiterlesen

Human & Animal

uw-autor | 06.09.2016 20:14

I find it great, to communicate with other creatures. Therefor a common basic-fund exists By gestures, facial expressions and noises. UW ... weiterlesen

Brexit 4

uw-autor | 27.06.2016 20:41

A Europe of the parties Isn’t a Europe of the people! UW ... weiterlesen

The Dog obeys

uw-autor | 23.04.2016 18:15

If you want to control Purchase a dog, But no human. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 10.04.2016 18:54

Money is the curse of the human kind. On workdays and sundays. UW ... weiterlesen

They are humans!

uw-autor | 02.03.2016 19:52

Forget Europe II The EU is playing "Jackass". In Greece again it stands. Mutually they push the fugitives towards another. They are humans! No debts or commodities. Forget Europe, forget the EU. UW ... weiterlesen

Is that Right [=Right?4]

uw-autor | 04.01.2016 19:37

With which legitimation? People assume the right? To decide on other people? Is that right? UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 23.12.2015 19:48

Earth could be a paradise, When the humans wouldn’t make it to the hell. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 03.12.2015 20:24

If the humans would have evolved policy of peace Thus far as their weapons, They all were better off now. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 22.11.2015 20:21

No human has the right over the life of another. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 19.11.2015 19:57

Currently we squander everything, For what humankind Since their humanization Has been fighting: The humanity. UW ... weiterlesen

A human is not allowed to kill a human

uw-autor | 15.11.2015 18:33

Who kills humans is a murder. With and without confession of faith. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 29.10.2015 19:51

Music is the most beautiful thing, that human kind has created ever. UW ... weiterlesen

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uw-autor | 06.09.2015 19:15

Man! Be careful! Attention! You are snatched of your liberty! UW ... weiterlesen

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