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Week seven

serieslybloggin | 19.02.2015 15:02

Modern Family(S5 E15)Manny punches a poor disturbed and confused kid. Seems like a regular wednesday then! And Gloria is a bully. Who dlikes pineapples a lot.Claire is in heaven, she thinks. But then turns out she's in hell! And Phil thinks he's in hell f ... weiterlesen


britfilms-by-lem-seebaer | 16.02.2015 09:21

Hello everybody!This is my new blog about British films.Hope you'll enjoy it :-) Special greedings to my VIP Annika (Ai) :-* <3 ... weiterlesen

Week six (6)

serieslybloggin | 14.02.2015 23:15

The Flash(S1 E13) Ronnie is dead. Or is he? It seems you can never be a hundred percent certain when it comes to meta-humans. But ... weiterlesen

Week six (5)

serieslybloggin | 14.02.2015 13:10

Glee(S6 E7) Coach Beiste is back. And is getting harrassed by Vocal Adrenaline. Because at WMHS bullying is outlawed. Unless it' ... weiterlesen

Week six (4)

serieslybloggin | 13.02.2015 14:10

Mom(S2 E14) So. Seems everything is going upwards in the Plunkett household now. It was about time! Bonnie is blackmailing the pe ... weiterlesen

Week six (3)

serieslybloggin | 11.02.2015 20:53

New Girl(S4 E12) Well. Okay then.Cece is still in love with Schmidt whereas Schmidt likes his new girlfriend. ... weiterlesen

Week six (2)

serieslybloggin | 11.02.2015 16:59

The Fosters(S2 E15) Mariana is telling Anna that she's not going to be a good mom. On the on hand - okay. On the other I think she is being a bit unfair. Anna pulled herself together and stopped using. Something she had not managed before. I think th ... weiterlesen

Week six

serieslybloggin | 10.02.2015 13:38

Mike and Molly(S5 E9) So no time-gasm? God darn. That's too bad. I loved how Peggy of all people poked holes in Molly's v ... weiterlesen

Week five (4)

serieslybloggin | 08.02.2015 10:48

Glee(S6 E6) Love. That's what it's all about. In this episode of Glee anyways.Sam and Rachael kind of ... weiterlesen

Week five (3)

serieslybloggin | 06.02.2015 21:56

The Big Bang Theory(S8 E14)  It's the circle of embarrasment at the girl's apartment. Penny is in a weird ape movie. Bernadette used to be a peagant girl. Amy writes 18th century fan fiction. I wonder who should be ashamed most?     I ... weiterlesen

Week five (2)

serieslybloggin | 04.02.2015 21:59

 House of LiesSeason 4 Episode ... weiterlesen

Week five

serieslybloggin | 04.02.2015 12:39

2 Broke Girls (S4 E10) Oleg and Sophie are moving in together! Jippieh! ... or not? Whoever would think that's a good idea? ... weiterlesen

Week four (5)

serieslybloggin | 01.02.2015 19:31

The Vampire Diaries(S6 E12) Interesting episode. What have we learned? Vampire blood can't heal c ... weiterlesen

Feelings change

wxnder.lvnd | 31.01.2015 19:02

Hey guys, sometimes I am very unactive, sorry. In the last time I cut my ass off :( // Today my mother cut herself on a raizor and idk why but she cryed and then I thought: Haha Bitch, now you know what I feel like everyday and what is the only thing ma ... weiterlesen

Week four (3)

serieslybloggin | 30.01.2015 15:00

Two and a Half Men(S12 E12) Alan drives people insane. I guess that sums up twelve seasons pretty well. ... weiterlesen

Week four (2)

serieslybloggin | 28.01.2015 21:30

Switched at Birth(S4 E4) Ok. Bay cheated.If that wasn't obvious from the moment she went to that party ... weiterlesen

Week four

serieslybloggin | 28.01.2015 16:41

Galvant (S1 E7 & 8) I think I mentioned this already. But!I love Gal ... weiterlesen

My life in moment

wxnder.lvnd | 25.01.2015 00:44

Do you know that feeling whether you donít wanna live? Each day, each moment. My life is like a drowning. I feel like I was put in a chest and a person I really love threw it in the sea. If I talk to someone, nobody could understand me because they donít ... weiterlesen

Week three (4)

serieslybloggin | 24.01.2015 18:16

Bad Judge(S1 E13) 1000 cases. 45 years. Is that good? For those of us who don't know the american judicial s ... weiterlesen

Week three (3)

serieslybloggin | 21.01.2015 20:30

Cougar Town(S6 E3) Grayson's job is easy. As long as you remember to close up the bar before you go.Wh ... weiterlesen

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