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Week seventeen

serieslybloggin | 05.05.2015 18:12

Once upon a time (S4 E21) The thought that popped into my mind the most often this episode? Lily is such a bitch. And not in a badass dragon kind of way.  Darkness indeed. She was seriously pissing me off left and right. Attitude, girl! Stu ... weiterlesen


serieslybloggin | 01.05.2015 10:03

Accidentally on Purpose I was looking for something fun with a strong female lead when I happened upon this little rhinestone. It's not quite a jewel ... weiterlesen

week sixteen (2)

serieslybloggin | 29.04.2015 13:57

New Girl(S4 E 21) So many good things happened in this episode. First: the best couple blend I have seen - ever! Faw-midt. Unfortunately in the end Fawmidt are no more. Good for Cece and let's be honest, who didn't see it coming? They were definetly ... weiterlesen

week sixteen

serieslybloggin | 28.04.2015 20:27

Once upon a time(S4 E20) Woah. Where to start? After accidentally offing Cruella, Emma seems on a bit of a downward spiral. It seems like a self fullfilling prophecy to me. Kinda. She blames herself for the consequences of her parent's decision (but ... weiterlesen

Week fifteen

serieslybloggin | 23.04.2015 13:26

Young and Hungry(S2 E5)  Gaby and Cooper. I don't like it. Well it's not so much that I don't think they are cute however they're not my favorite.Ever since Josh "Pretty woman"ed Gaby I wanted Gaby to know about that. #TeamGosh or what? But ... weiterlesen

Week fourteen

serieslybloggin | 19.04.2015 21:21

Nashville(S3 E18) Oh Juliette.... Do you have to mess everything up eeeeeeeeeverytime things are going smoothly?! Seriously.Ok. Now that that's out of the way.Christina Aguilera with pink hair as Jeff's ex fiance. Loooooved it! Raina's face as s ... weiterlesen

Week fourteen

serieslybloggin | 19.04.2015 21:21

Nashville(S3 E18) Oh Juliette.... Do you have to mess everything up eeeeeeeeeverytime things are going smoothly?! Seriously. ... weiterlesen

Week fourteen

serieslybloggin | 14.04.2015 22:07

 Mike & Molly(S5 E17) This episode finally provided the answer to the question we all secretly asked ourselves. What does Nathan's mom do all the time? That's right! She's in Mudlick! Being all from the tree and Peggy's sister and stuff! In ... weiterlesen

Week thirteen (2)

serieslybloggin | 09.04.2015 21:29

 Hot in Cleveland(S6 E6) Melanie is worried about her hot boyfriend kissing one of her hot best friends. Oh how irrational women can be. Turns out nothing happened between Dane and Victoria aside from Dane getting a new play somewhere else. On t ... weiterlesen

Week thirteen (2)

serieslybloggin | 09.04.2015 21:27

 Hot in Cleveland(S6 E6) Melanie is worried about her hot boyfriend kissing one of her hot best ... weiterlesen

Week thirteen

serieslybloggin | 07.04.2015 13:52

 Shameless(S5 E12)Fiona. Is in love. With whom? Obviously not her husband. That would be too traditional for her, right? Instead with the boss who's in NA. Great!Moving on: It's Lip's fault. That people fall in love with him. Because of his Lippyness ... weiterlesen

Week twelve

serieslybloggin | 01.04.2015 20:09

Once upon a time(S4 E17) Where to begin? The apprentice took away Emma's potential for evil. By giving it to Malificent's daughter. Who turned out to be the kid from that one time Emma ran away. And why did the apprentice do that? Because the author ... weiterlesen

Week twelve

serieslybloggin | 30.03.2015 09:59

Hart of Dixie(S4 E10) Hart of Dixie is over. I would like to shed a tear but I can't. The end of the finale as just to upsetting in my opinion. I mean a happy ending is good and well however did I have to be done like this?Musical style wrapping all ... weiterlesen

Week eleven (2)

serieslybloggin | 19.03.2015 21:21

Baby Daddy(S4 E12)Riley is in love with Danny. Shoooocker! And now he nows it. Finally. And what does he do? Go away with another woman. Un-be-liev-a-ble! What is wrong with men? Aaaaanyways...Tucker seems to have a little more luck in the ladies departme ... weiterlesen

Week eleven

serieslybloggin | 16.03.2015 14:50

Younger(S1 E1) Ok people. I like it!Interesting concept for sure. Liza is 40 and a mom and her husband just left her. So sh ... weiterlesen

Week nine (5)

serieslybloggin | 05.03.2015 09:25

Shameless(S5 E7) Wow. Like almost always I don't even know where to begin. Jimmy/Steve/Jack? Sammi shooting Frank? Lip being royally screwed? Ian in the nut house being miserable? Kev getting blowjobs without consent? Debbie having a boyfrend? C ... weiterlesen

Week nine (4)

serieslybloggin | 04.03.2015 20:50

Once upon a time(S4 E13) Storybrooke is back! Or rather there are people back in Storybrooke. Interesting people! Cruella and Ursula found their way into our little community. With a little help from a friend. The dark one is back. Freshly determined ... weiterlesen

Week nine (2)

serieslybloggin | 04.03.2015 13:48

Cougar Town(S6 E9)  Ellie and Travis are having an affair!!! .... an emotional one. Darn. Not even a sixteenth as juicy as an aff ... weiterlesen

Week nine

serieslybloggin | 03.03.2015 13:02

Mike & Molly(S5 E12) So. Peggy is toxic. Everybody seems to agree. Even the priest. Who doesn't agree? Peggy!Because it's always everybody else's fault. Obviously.I don't know how she can do it but she does. And I don't know how Mike and Molly al ... weiterlesen

Week eight

serieslybloggin | 01.03.2015 22:48

The Big Bang Theory(S8 E16) What person would you most want to .... have dinner with?Fight Club flashback anyone?  Anyways.Now we know Sheldon's birthday! Because Penny can't keep a secret. That little blabbermouth.Aside from that we got a littl ... weiterlesen

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