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 HeyMy name is Kim... But you can call me Naana (Vani gave me the name, because I love bananas). I'm from Germany and living near the swiss border. I was born in Hamburg - the most beautiful city in Germany.I really love it to write, draw, cook and bake. Though I really love it to read! And I love music. Music is a very important part ofmy life. Even if i'm not able to play an instrument (yet) I listen to music about 12 hours a day. I wake up and go to sleep with music. I prefer Rock and Metal... but I also love the Piano and the Violine.... So you will find some classic between my Linkin Park and Him records. I love music which give me some emotionally... If I'm sad I want to listen sad music... if i'm happy I want good music... to dance. Music is so much more than just notes on paper... You can feel music... A movie without or with wrong backroundmusic doesn't give the right atmosphere... With music you can cry, laugh or being angry. I love music.Also I love books. Fantasy is a part of human nature. As Kids, we imagin dragons, fairys, pirates and aliens to play with us. A Box was a spaceshuttle and our favourite Teddybear was able to talk. And I bet some of us got an invisible friend. This is fantasy. As we grow up, we lost our fantasy because of reality. A child with a wild imagination will handle problems in an other way than an aduld. Life your fantasy... As Eugène Ionesco said: "The freedom of fantasy is no escape into Unreality. It is termerity and invention."I'm proud of my fantasy... Some people call me freak or childish because of that. I'm not. I guess they just call me like this, because they're envy.I like it to be creative. I is relaxing and I forget my problems. I can be very open but mostly I'm a private person. I try to handle my problems by myself. There's no need to tell anyone everything. I like it to talk (I talk a lot) but if you're not one of my two BFF, it will be mostly just smalltalk. Also, I'm single and pretty okay with this fact. My mom is not.... I'm so "old" and don't have a boyfriend... her words. I don't think of having a boyfriend. I can't even handle myself! Of course sometimes I want someone personal and intim to talk, to hold me... And of course I would like to fall in love with someone. But this "someone" don't show up. my experiences with the male is rare... yeah I got some "make outs" but nothing serious... I didn't need it. I guess I was really open here.... It scares me a bit.... we'll see...


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